Fraud Examinations / Fraud Investigations
Fraud examination is a sub-set of forensic accounting and is a litigation support service. It can range from an examination of complex white collar fraud allegations to simple petty cash fraud allegations. A business owner may wish to determine if a co-owner who controls the money is keeping the owner in the dark and stealing money. Is your business partner taking advantage of your trusting nature? Does your business partner refuse to explain things to you or not provide you with the financial records when you request them? Do you feel like you are doing all the hard work but are not seeing any rewards for your efforts? Speak to us, you may be the victim of fraud.

Fraud can also be perpetrated by employees, including trusted employees of many years who would ordinarily be beyond suspicion. This is because owners do not think it is possible that a trusted employee of many years can commit fraud. It may be embarrassing for an owner to find out that their trust was misplaced. If you have suspicions that a fraud has occurred, contact us today.

After a fraud is discovered, a business owner/manager will generally want to know the extent of the fraud to determine if that amount is sufficient to warrant a recovery effort. Criminal prosecution may also be desired. Despite a fraudster's best efforts to conceal a fraud (or the extent of a fraud - sometimes even after confessing to it!), cause confusion and manipulate accounting books and records, SGI Forensic can often recreate a trail to determine what has really taken place. Don't be complacent even if you think you have found the fraud: fraudsters may perpetrate multiple frauds while at the same company. Fraudsters may also not confess to the full extent of the fraud. The longer you wait the more you can lose. Don't guess-hire someone who knows what they are doing.

White Collar Criminal Defense
Criminal prosecution is serious - you could be facing jail time. Forensic accounting criminal defense work seeks to establish the truth of the fraud allegations made. SGI Forensic can verify financial information presented by the Prosecution to ensure its accuracy. SGI can examine the assumptions used by an opposing expert for reasonableness. SGI can assist your attorney in preparing questions for cross examination of the opposing forensic accountant expert witness, the answers to which may make a significant difference to your case. SGI can identify information that should be subpoenaed, which may contain or reveal critical information. SGI can perform analyses and prepare written reports and exhibits to present at trial. In his role as a testifying expert witness, Saul Gordon can appear in Court to explain to the judge and jury in simple terms what the financial information means and offer an opinion as to what has really taken place. Don't be without a forensic accountant when the Prosecution has one. An honest difference in professional opinion can mean the difference between freedom and confinement. Whether SGI performs a fraud examination or works on a criminal defense case, SGI is unwaveringly committed to finding the facts. SGI is always on the side of the truth no matter who hires SGI.


Business Litigation / Loss Quantification
In a dispute between businesses, SGI Forensic may be engaged to determine the financial facts. For example, in a breach of contract scenario, a business may wish to quantify the loss it has incurred by reference to liquidated damages clauses in the contract. These clauses are not always clearly written. A lost profits scenario may arise where damages are sought for lost profits incurred as a result of breach of contract (or otherwise).

In patent infringement cases or cases involving theft of intellectual property, SGI can be retained to quantify the losses.

The term "loss quantification" overlaps different types of cases. Contact SGI Forensic to discuss the facts of your particular situation. Quantification of damages may involve much subjectivity. Contact SGI to determine if a damages calculation prepared by an opposing expert seems reasonable.

Family Law
SGI Forensic can assist in family law cases e.g. in determining cash flow available for support and tracing assets. SGI Forensic can assist attorneys in preparing cross-examination questions for witnesses at deposition or at trial. SGI can review reports prepared by opposing expert witnesses as well as assist attorneys in drafting cross-examination questions for those experts. SGI can assist in preparing questions to be used in interrogatories. SGI can assist by preparing document requests and can assist in providing information to be used in subpoenas.


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